Kelly & Fitzgibbon are Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula Property Valuers and Consultants.  We offer a range of valuation services in commercial, industrial and residential property. We provide an extensive range of valuation services to most property categories within Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Property Owners & Purchasers

  • Sale and purchase price advice and negotiations. Ascertain the correct range before listing and marketing commence before making an offer
  • Sale price advice & negotiations. Ascertain the correct range before listing and marketing commence
  • Property sale negotiations
  • Analysis of development options and highest and best use
  • Comparison of investment/purchase options
  • Before and after valuations to weigh up additions and extensions
  • Valuations for Matrimonial disputes and settlements
  • Valuations for buyouts of partners, estates and related interests
  • Review of rating and land tax assessments
  • Project feasibility and upon completion valuations

Taxation Valuations  

Valuations are provided for a range of taxation matters including the following

  • Capital Gains Tax valuations
  • Stamp duty for off market transfers and related parties
  • Land Tax review
  • Municipal rating valuations review

Making sure the valuations are correct is important so that taxes and rates paid are appropriate to the market value at the assessed date. Our reviews of Council and Land Tax notices have saved client many tens of thousands of dollars for higher valued properties.

Specialist Valuations 

Valuations are provided for a range of specialist matters including the following

  • Insurance assessment on a replacement basis
  • Valuations for compulsory acquisition of land by Government or Statutory Authorities
  • Asset valuations for Superannuation and company reporting
  • Mortgagee and Bankruptcy Trustee assets
  • Related party transfers

Rental Review Valuations 

Rent is a major expenditure item for any business. Our market analysis can assist in ascertaining what is the fair current market rental. This ensures that the agreed starting rental or that at a market review is within a realistic and reasonable market value range. If not you could be receiving far less as a landlord or paying too much as an occupier.

  • Rental commencement and market review advice
  • Ground rentals for vacant land and improvement leases
  • Submissions and representation for rental determinations
  • Assessment of terms and review mechanisms
  • Representation for property owners and tenants

Auction Services  

We provide advice and assistance in the auction purchase and negotiation process. Often a daunting and stressful process, let our experience assist you with a smooth purchase.

  • Assessment of current market value for purchase purposes
  • Evaluation of purchase options
  • Representation at auction and purchase negotiations
  • Purchase negotiations for private sale
  • Agent engagement advice

Getting the right advice will save time and money. Don’t waste your time looking at properties which are out of your budget or which don’t meet your current and future needs.

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